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Patio String Lighting Installation in Washington DC

Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor Patio String Lights Smart Services Lighting

Nothing sets the mood on a patio like well installed string lighting. Our electricians have been installing patio string lighting for 10 years in The Washington Metro Area. Patio String Lighting Installation in Washington DC, Patio String Lighting Installation in Arlington VA, Patio String Lighting Installation in Alexandria VA

Commercial Festoon Lighting

Commercial Festoon Lighting Smart Services Lighting HVAC Electric Plumbing and Refrigeration

Our Electricians have the years of experience and training to ensure that your lighting project is installed safely and up to code. We take pride in our work installing these ultra low maintenance lighting products.

Specialty Lamps

Specialty Lamps Dimmable and Weatherproof Smart Services Lighting

The lamp is a key component of a festoon lighting system. Our lighting experts will take the time to ensure that you get exactly the product you are looking for.

Lighting in Trees or Garden

Festoon Lighting in trees Smart Services Lighting

Showcase the beauty of your back yard. What ever your vision, we will take the time to ensure that our design fits the style ,lighting level and dimming capacity matches that vision.

Installation for Events

Special Event Lighting

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Festoon Lighting Design

Festoon Lighting Commercial Smart Services Lighting

For special build outs we work with our on staff lighting engineers to give you a quick proposal turnaround and expert installation.